Sturges Orchards and Farm Market – Vendor Highlight

We’re so excited that Sturges Orchards and Farm Market will be joining at the Bellevue Farmers Market, because the only thing better than a farmers market with a farmer is a farmers market with multiple farmers!

Struges Orchards logo

Sturges Orchards is a first generation, 65 acre fruit and vegetable farm, in operation now for 27 years. The farm was started in 1989 by Aaron Sturges, a Penn State horticulture graduate.

They specialize in peaches and apples, and also grow eight acres of vegetables, ranging from all year growing of baby kale and specialty crops to tomatoes, peppers, and sweet corn.

The farm also processes jams and jellies along with cider made all from their own fruit, so you can enjoy their great produce year-round!

Sturges Orchards strawberries

Sturges Orchards peach tree

Sturges Orchards’ food is great, but you’ll have to wait until Wednesday 3-7 PM to get some, so go check out more of our great vendors or learn more about the Bellevue Farmers Market.