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Bellevue Farmers Market Week 9 Lineup (8/23) – Pittsburgh Farmers Market

We’re running out of ways to describe the market!  This last week saw long lines for amazing henna tattoos from United Somali Bantu of Greater Pittsburgh, some great music from Ray Pelletier and Donna O, Asian pears from Sturges Orchards, Amber’s Comfort Kitchen’s muffins and cakes (featuring Sturges’ Zestar apples and Maggie’s blackberries!), a run on Santa Fe Express’s chicken tacos and enchiladas, and so much more.

This week is looking to be another great one!  Here are some highlights:

And that is just the week’s rotating activities!  We have dozens of our loyal vendors and regular activities lined up, so check out the full lineup and come visit us at the market!


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Bellevue Farmers Market visitors

These are only the vendors that are attending this week.  Check the vendors page to see the full list and plan your visit today!